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MarketMan’s newest integration is a game-changer for restaurants looking to streamline their back-of-house management (and, which restaurant operators aren’t?). With the announcement of a new partnership with the Square point-of-sale (POS) platform, MarketMan provides an even more streamlined and innovative approach to inventory management. A recent case study released in conjunction with Square, US Foods and Ohio-based restaurant chain Mr. Chicken clearly shows why MarketMan has proven to be a simple and cost effective solution to help growing restaurant chains better predict and control inventory costs, reduce food waste, and ultimately, increase their bottom line profits.

For Square, the integration makes perfect sense. Square provides a convenient solution for owners and operators who are constantly looking for ways to increase sales. MarketMan is designed to take that cost-savings to the next level. With MarketMan enabled, Square POS users get instant, high-level insight into their food costs and are able to better predict and utilize their inventory down the ingredient level.

That ground-up approach can make all the difference. It certainly has for Mr. Chicken.

By using the Square POS app alongside MarketMan, Mr. Chicken is now able to automate inventory, save time with vendors and see all its costs in real-time. The integration has also allowed for sales tracking, and ultimately, a detailed log of remaining supplies for management, streamlining back of house operations and translating to fewer late nights and early mornings counting inventory. The MarketMan system automatically receives and reconciles invoices in one central place, consolidating back-of-house inventory into a one-stop shop, replacing what has traditionally been an extremely fragmented experience.

MarketMan became a key component of all of Mr. Chicken’s eight high-volume restaurants, all of which were already using Square’s POS system and US Foods as their main supplier. With the addition of MarketMan’s cloud-based restaurant inventory system, Mr. Chicken has seen significant improvement in some of the costliest areas of restaurant operation. Mr. Chicken is now able to go beyond just reducing costs associated with food storage and waste, but also to minimize the amount of loss whether due to theft or negligence.

The end result is simple to see, said William Horton, Mr. Chicken’s general manager. MarketMan has saved the chain thousands of dollars in inventory and payroll, and presented steady growth options that wouldn’t exist otherwise. By applying and tracking very specific metrics, customized specifically for Mr. Chicken’s unique needs, the growing brand has been able to better manage everything from supply to menu pricing.

Information is power. With MarketMan on board through platforms like Square, that valuable information also equals savings.